Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I was too old.

An odd thing happened to me last night. Well, maybe it was a year ago last night. Or that long weekend before that. I woke up and found that the world was suddenly younger. And I was on the outside. I have always felt on the outside but this was different. I was too old. I felt like I could see through the world. The world, society, life etc. runs like a dream. With full participation of all of us. Its a common dream. Or at least I thought. I always knew that children were waiting to join, that teens were biting at the bit to get started. But I never thought that older people were excluded. Not because younger people had suddenly voted them off the island. It was because they saw this dream for what it was. Pointless. Not that life is pointless. That's another question. But that this dream, getting up each morning like it was a new beginning. Fighting to get better marks. So you could get that better job. So you could buy all those nice things. But these are all distractions. All you have is time. And time is running out.

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