Saturday, September 1, 2012

A blind man dances

Acts of Levitation

Boats on the lake. Walking the tightrope. Across the horizon.

Rubens women. In two pieces. Shaking their big tits. Winking at me.

Long drive. 2 lanes of asphalt. The flats on the way to the sea. Better slow down. Just ahead of us. Illusion. Pools of water. A raccoon drowned.

The Queen is on every quarter. Winking at me.

The British wore red coats. The French were dressed in blue. Guantanomo. Omar Khadr. Killed an enemy soldier. Ten years for not wearing a color.

Gone to the racetrack. Pick my losers. Fillies. Winking at me.

In the cold ground justice has a simple rule. Saints and tyrants. Shrews and Secretaries of State. The real king is the worm.

Sunday. At the beach. Performing various forms of levitation. I was vertical. The beautiful girls showed me a new trick. They looked right through me. Some days I think I'd have been better off staying in bed. A blind man dances. Winking at me. 

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