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Terminal Moraines


Terminal Moraines


[CAMERA… While the credits are rolling, the camera pans across a desk. The desk is messy. On it as permanent features are: a half empty cup of black coffee, an ashtray with cigarette butts spilling over onto the desk, a baseball, a paper mache vase made by a child with plastic flowers in it, several framed pictures containing members of a family, a computer, a monitor running a screen saver, a Save the Seals button, a couple of pens, a laundry receipt, and a clear plastic candy wrapper. Photographs of the main characters of our drama are paper-clipped to folders scattered across the desk. One folder is open. The main character David Faster smiles at the camera. The page opposite is marked up in red ink.

[MUSIC… a harmonica piece in the vein of the Rockford Files plays in the background. Overheard is a taped audio message from the School Board describing Mr. Faster’s supply teaching assignment for that day.

“Mr. Faster. Your assignment today is Our Lady of Lourdes School. You will be replacing Miss K’s grade 9 Geography class. The children are studying erosion.. Do not park your car in the staff parking lot. The board will make no restitution for damages incurred.”

[CAMERA… After the credits have appeared the screen cuts to white and then slowly copy begins to roll up the screen:

“Government has too long been left
the sole responsibility for the education
of the young people of our province.
The private sector has a role to play
in the future of our nation.
Where better to mould the minds, skills and souls
of our children than in the market place.
The future is too precious to do any less.”
Assistant to the Deputy
Minister of Education
Province of Ontario, 1995

[CAMERA… Shot of opening title:


FADE to white. CUT to a very tight shot of David Faster’s face. We are back in the jail cell. Faster’s face sinks into his hands as he bows. Behind him on the wall is a photograph of a middle-aged matronly woman smiling kindly. Faster is muttering something inaudible. He takes a cigarette out of a pack from his shirt pocket, lights it up, then passes the cigarettes to someone off camera.

FASTER: “Funny how laughter can make you sad. After we dropped Lewis off at his hotel, Miss Leigh told me a funny joke about Swedish food. I laughed and then said no more. I felt utterly alone in the world. Miss Leigh tried to strike up a conversation but I just sat there staring out the cab window as we moved slowly north on Gordon Street. What a lonely name for a street. It seemed to take forever for the cab to blaze a trail through the university grounds. The cab driver, a Sikh, kept pointing out various sights, turning around each time to make eye contact with us. Miss Leigh implored him to keep his eyes on the road. He laughed. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so sad. When the cab finally came to a stop at Our Lady of Lourdes School, I hesitated to step out. I looked at Miss Leigh. I suppose my anxiety showed because she took my hand and squeezed it. On the steps of the school I watched the cab move away. Inside my hand was a business card – New Frontier Motel, which Miss Leigh had slipped into my fingers, which is where I ended up hours later. In my room alone again. Staring at the walls, waiting for the morning to arrive and my next assignment, waiting like some poor creature crawling across the floor of the sea and wishing.”

[CAMERA… CUT to Faster unpacking.

CUT through a shower curtain. Faster is taking a shower. Turns on water. Yells. Water is cold.

CUT to Faster on the phone. A series of phone calls in which all we see is Faster dialing and a CUT to him putting phone down and CUT to Faster dialing.

LONG SHOT of Faster leaving motel and running across the street toward a bar. He is almost run over by a cab. The driver, a Sikh, sticks his head out the window and curses at Faster. Faster steps into the bar.

CUT to Faster at the bar ordering a drink.

LONG SHOT of a tall blonde woman wearing a white skirt and a loosely fitting white blouse approaching Faster at the bar. They begin to talk. Her name is Ellen Ellery. She is Australian. Faster grimaces.

ELLEN: “Is something the matter?”
FASTER: “I’m sorry Miss Ellery. I’ve nothing against Australians. You’re the first one I’ve met. Let me be blunt. It’s your accent. You’re a beautiful woman but your voice screeches. Like finger nails on a chalkboard. Your voice is giving me a headache.”

[CAMERA… Noticeably upset Ellen Ellery roots around in her purse for a cigarette. She takes out a lighter and hands it to Faster. He lights her cigarette and puts the lighter in his own pocket before Ellen Ellery reminds him that it is her lighter.

ELLEN: “Shall I speak in an American accent?”
FASTER: “Would you? That’s awfully decent of you.”
ELLEN: “How about a southern drawl? Or perhaps you would prefer someone from the Bronx or maybe the mid-west? I come over here to hit on you and you complain about my accent! This is not my day.”
FASTER: “You’re upset. I didn’t mean to offend. I’m sorry but I’m very sensitive to sound. My mother taught me sign language when I was a child.”
ELLEN: “Your mother was deaf?”
FASTER: “No. She just thought it was a way of keeping the house silent. We never had a television or a radio. Mother abhorred the sound of the human voice. Today I was supply teaching a class of teenagers. They wouldn’t stop talking. My nerves are shot.”
ELLEN LAUGHS: “I’ve had a rotten day as well. I’m a reporter for the Toronto Star. I was sent here to cover the labour turmoil between the teacher’s union and the board of education. I must have interviewed a dozen people. No one would talk. God, I just want to get drunk.”

[CAMERA… CUT to white. The following scenes are presented as a series of slides which have brief if barely noticeable movement.

CUT to Faster falling asleep in a chair by the window of his motel. His feet keep falling off the window sill.

CUT to Faster being woken up by a telephone call

CUT to Faster taking a shower

CUT to Faster rumpling up the bed to make it look like he had slept in the bed

CUT to Faster in a local McDonald’s having breakfast

CUT to Faster sitting at a desk, his head in his hands as students mill around talking and laughing as if he weren’t there.

CUT to Faster entering a gun shop.

CUT to Faster inside his motel room with Miss Leigh

CUT to Faster at the train station. He is being watched by a stranger outside the office window.

CUT to Faster in a bar talking with Ellen Ellery

CUT to Faster and Ellen Ellery in his motel room. They are sitting in chairs side by side looking out the bedroom window. Ellen’s hand is in Faster’s pocket moving up and down.

CUT to Faster and Ellen Ellery in their chairs fast asleep


[CAMERA… Shot of title:


FADE to white. CUT to Faster on his way to his teaching assignment. Walking up and down streets. He is lost.

CLOSE UP of Faster, bewildered. He sits down on the curb of a street, head sunk in his hands and begins to whine.

LONG SHOT from across the street at Faster. There are various sounds in this shot including the passing of cars, a dog barking, someone skateboarding. In the background barely audible is the sound of a grown man weeping. Several people pass by, glance down and continue on.

LONG SHOT…An old wino walks up to him, pats him on the shoulder and offers him a drink from the bottle in the paper bag he is holding. Faster shakes his head.

LONG SHOT… An old woman stops and admonishes Faster with gestures about his sitting on the curb. She whacks him across the shoulder with her cane.

LONG SHOT… A shopkeeper rolls out a barrel of dirty water and not seeing Faster pushes the barrel over. A river of muddy water washes up and around Faster and into the curb. A passing cab throws more of this water onto Faster.

LONG SHOT… A policeman steps up to enquire into Faster’s situation.

CLOSE UP… of cop’s congenial smile.

COP: “Can I help you, sir?”

[CAMERA… MEDIUM SHOT of Faster and cop. Faster looks up with a dumb doe like expression.

FASTER: “Help me? Nobody can help me. I am beyond redemption. Why do these things happen to me? Why not some other poor bastard? What did I do to deserve this? What was my crime? Haven’t I always tried to be a decent sort? I’ve always paid my taxes. Did everything by the book. Never broke a rule. But I keep stepping into it. Just keep stepping into it!”
COP: “I’m sure it’s not as bleak as you’re making it out to be, sir.”
FASTER: “Oh, it’s bleak alright! I think I know when things are bleak. Ten minutes from my motel and I’m lost. I’ve never been in this God forsaken town before…”
COP: “I’ll be asking you to watch your language, sir. We wouldn’t want that sort of language to fall into the ears of our children.”
FASTER: “Children! What do I care about a bunch of no neck little creatures?”
COP: “Sir!”
FASTER: “Oh, I’m sorry constable. It’s these bloody streets. None of them are straight and they keep changing the names. They seemed to have been allowed to wander around as they please. Hasn’t anyone heard of town planning? There aren’t even any proper intersections. If only Mums were here. Oh Mums, why has thou forsaken thee?”
COP: “Sir, I’ll be asking you for the last time to watch your tongue.”
FASTER: “I’m lost for Christ’s sake!”
[CAMERA… The cop takes out his night stick and for a brief moment considers using it on Faster.

FASTER: “Where the hell is Our Lady of Lourdes?”
COP: “It’s across the street.”



[CAMERA… Shot of title:


FADE to white. CUT to Faster in a washroom. He is a mess. Examines his teeth. Turns on the faucet. The water gushes out and sprays across Faster’s trousers. Faster grabs some paper towels and attempts to clean the crotch of his trousers. He throws the paper towel in the garbage pail now already piled high with paper towels. Faster takes his trousers off and spreads them across the floor. He takes more paper towels and attempts to clean his trousers. He throws the paper towels in the garbage pail. Overflowing with paper towels he attempts to stamp the towels with his foot. His foot gets stuck in the pale. His attempts to kick the pale off are futile. He attempts to use his other foot to loosen his foot from the pail. Using all his strength he manages to release his foot but losing his balance ends up putting his now free foot into the toilet. Someone knocks at the door.

FASTER: “Fuck off!”



[CAMERA… Shot of title:


FADE to white. CUT to a clean shaven smiling face of the school principal. He leans back in his chair. Light coming in from the room behind him makes him look like he was glowing. There is a pencil in his hand that he taps on his desk.

FASTER: “I am David Faster.”
FASTER: “How are you this morning?”
PRINCIPAL: “I feel guilty.”
FASTER: “Guilty? I’m sorry. Why would you feel guilty?”
PRINCIPAL SMILES: “Why do you feel sorry?”
FASTER: “I don’t know.”
PRINCIPAL: “Have you ever noticed how sad the light in the morning is? The light knows. Most people die in their sleep. Usually late in the morning. Just before most people wake up for work. Don’t you find that queer?”
FASTER: “Queer?”
PRINCIPAL: “Do you suppose that death wakes you up before it carries you off? Or do you die in a dream? In the dream are you a young boy swinging through the trees when your rope breaks? Or are you a young woman racing her sports car through winding mountain roads when you lose control? Or are you sitting down for a feast when the turkey stands up on the platter and lunges for your throat?”
FASTER: “I hadn’t actually given the matter much…”
PRINCIPAL: “These are the questions professional teachers ask. You must make your students nervous.”
PRINCIPAL: “What about privacy? I’d like some privacy when I die. At the moment of death your muscles relax. All your muscles. Your bowels empty. Could you imagine the embarrassment if you died in a public place? Think of dignity.”
FASTER: “Dignity?”
PRINCIPAL: “I have survived the night. Why? Why was I allowed to live? What were my credentials? Who set up the criteria for death? Is there a list? Is there a test? Can you study for it? Who decides who lives and who lives and who sleeps in? Students sleep in. Teachers do not. Don’t let it happen again.”



[CAMERA… Shot of title:


FADE to white. CUT to the front of a shop, Silentio’s Rod and Gun Shop.

LONG SHOT of Faster stepping into shop.

MEDIUM SHOT of Faster stepping into the shop and up to the counter. A clerk has his back to Faster. He turns around. The shopkeeper is a small thin spidery figure. Thin fragile glasses hang on the precipice of his pointed gargoyle like nose. He has a reclining chin. Above the small squinty eyes flickers a couple of dark eyebrows. A high pitch voice squeaks out between his thin quivering lips.

SHOPKEEPER: “Can I help you, sir?”

[CAMERA… MEDIUM SHOT of Faster looking around the shop. The walls are covered with different hunting rifles. There are photographs of hunters and their trophies. The camera SCANS the walls as if it were Faster’s eyes. In all these shots the camera should have the cross hairs of a rifle’s sights.

FASTER: “Are you the proprietor, sir?”
SHOPKEEPER: “Yes, I am.”
FASTER: “Well, Mr. Silentio…”
SHOPKEEPER: “Alas, I am not Mr. Silentio. Old Johannes passed away several years ago.”
FASTER: “I’m sorry to hear that. Was he ill for a long time?”
SHOPKEEPER: “Mr. Silentio was bi-polar. He died of self-inflicted wounds. Death was instantaneous. He died on the very spot you are standing.”
[CAMERA… Faster smiles and steps to one side.
SHOPKEEPER: “I bought the business but never got around to changing the name. My name is Victor Eremita. Are you a hunter?”
FASTER: “Hunter? God no. My employer has instructed me to look for a weapon. Self-defense. Something that kills without an awful mess.”
EREMITA: “I must take this occasion to enquire if you have the necessary papers. There are very strict gun controls.”
[CAMERA… Faster produces some papers, which Eremita examines. Eremita smiles.
EREMITA: “Everything seems in order. Have you ever been in love?
FASTER: “Love. I suppose I have.”
EREMITA: “If you suppose then you haven’t fallen in love. That’s good. I sold a gun to a fellow last month who was love sick. Next thing I hear he’s shot himself, his wife, his mother-in-law, his unemployed brother-in-law, the brother-in-law’s wife. The police were not happy campers. So now I make it a point to ask questions. We have a nice selection of revolvers over here. Each one has its own story.”
[CAMERA… Eremita unlocks a glass case. He takes out several guns.
EREMITA: “This pearl handle Colt for example. This was used by an American general in Vietnam who unfortunately found himself in a position where the gun was no longer of any use to him. It would make a fine addition to anyone’s collection.”
FASTER: “It’s very beautiful, but a little too conspicuous. I was looking for something I could just slip into my pocket.”
EREMITA: “Grab a hold of this little gem. Doesn’t that feel cuddly? An old Jew owned it. Crazy bugger. Use to hear voices. Took his only son out to the dump one afternoon and pumped three into the kid. Claimed God told him to do it. The kid survived. The old man was committed.”
FASTER: “It’s a little heavy.”
EREMITA: “Try this nice snubbed nose job. I’m told that it has quite an effect on the ladies. What it lacks in size it more than makes up in sophistication. Splendid workmanship.”
FASTER: “It’s not a little too effeminate?”
EREMITA: “Certainly not. The previous owner was quite a ladies man. Unfortunately one of his lady friends reached into his pocket and fired the gun by accident. Blew his balls clear off. Just as well that he didn’t survive his injuries. I went to the funeral. Very moving. Many of the gentleman’s former lovers were there. Even some of the husbands showed up. They played that song Elton John sung for Princess Di - Candle in the rain. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”
FASTER: “I guess it will do fine. Does it include bullets?”
EREMITA: “Naturally. Cash or charge?”
FASTER: “Charge.”
[CAMERA… Faster hands a charge card to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper turns his back on Faster and runs the card. He turns back and hands a card to Faster who signs it.

EREMITA: “Where is the gun, sir?”
FASTER: “Can’t I take it now?”
EREMITA: “I’ll have to process these papers first with the police. It’s just a formality. I can have the gun sent to your address or you could pick it up tomorrow.”
[CAMERA… Faster takes the gun out of his pocket and hands it back to the shopkeeper.
FASTER: “I’m over at the New Frontier Motel.”
EREMITA: “That’s fine. Let me guess your profession. Are you an insurance fraud investigator?”
[CAMERA… FASTER shakes his head.
EREMITA: “A diamond salesman?”
[CAMERA… FASTER shakes his head.
EREMITA: “You’re not a private investigator?”
FASTER: “I’m a school teacher.”
EREMITA: “And you need a gun?”
FASTER: “High school.”
EREMITA nods” “Oh, I understand.”



[CAMERA… Shot of title:


FADE to white. CUT to class room where Faster is sitting at the front desk. The students are watching him. Faster’s eyes keep closing and then opens as he jolts himself awake. And then he is asleep. Faster begins to snore. The students whisper to each other. One by one they slip out of the class. A long period of time passes. Faster is smiling, deep into a dream. The bell rings. Faster is jolted awake. He looks out. The class is empty.



[CAMERA… Shot of title:


FADE to white. CUT to LONG SHOT of Faster returning from a day of teaching. Opening motel room door.

LONG SHOT from across the parking lot at the window of Faster’s room. Sound of shower. Time passes. It gets darker outside. Someone walks passed Faster’s room. More time passes. Miss Leigh shows up at Faster’s motel room. She knocks. Faster lets her in. Time passes. A family of raccoons pass by Faster’s door. It begins to get very dark out. Miss Leigh leaves Faster’s room. The lights in the parking lot go on. A car pulls up next to Faster’s room. A middle-aged man and a young woman get out of the car and make their way into the motel room next to Faster’s. Faster now dressed in a fresh suit of clothes steps out of his motel room. He locks his door.

CUT to CLOSE UP of Ellen Ellery slouched over the bar. There are three empty glasses in front of her.

MEDIUM SHOT of Faster sliding onto the stool beside Ellen Ellery.

FASTER: “Ellen. What a coincidence!”
[CAMERA…. Ellen looks up from her drink.
ELLEN: “Who the hell are you?”
FASTER: “David Faster. We met the other evening. What are you drinking?”
ELLEN: “Are you the one from Chicago?”
[CAMERA… Faster shakes his head. He gets the bartender’s attention and orders another round.

ELLEN: “You’re the bastard who sold me that vegomatic! Cuts, dices, shreds! Damn near cut my finger off!”
[CAMERA… Bartender drops two more whisky sours. Faster downs his drink and asks for a second.

FASTER: “You’ve got a jump on me. Let me catch up. God, what a day I’ve had. A kid gave me the finger today. You can’t imagine how much I wanted to bite that damn thing off. I could have used your vegomatic.”
ELLEN: “You’re the one who doesn’t like my accent! Well, how does it sound now? Canadian whisky has drowned the Aussi out me. Buy me a drink!”
FASTER: “I just did.”
[CAMERA… The bartender brings Faster another drink. Ellen finishes her drink.
ELLEN: “Oh, God. I’m so depressed. And don’t go telling me it’s my period. I’m up to my watusi in that shit. A girl can’t feel a little existential without some bastard in a GI cut reminding you what time of the month it is. Do you think Sartre had his nose rubbed in the calendar? Okay, where’s that drink you bought me? I don’t see it.”
FASTER: “You just drank it.”
[CAMERA… Faster gestures to the bartender for another round.
ELLEN: “You’re born into a moderately wealthy family and everyone automatically assumes it’s a bed of roses. You’re born a beautiful and intelligent woman with an engaging personality with only a slight overbite and everyone assumes that life has been served up to you on a silver platter. Nobody says that to you if you’re fat, or ugly, or Estonian. It’s a burden. You don’t have to say it. Women envy me. They’re jealous of my looks, my figure, my sharp inquisitive mind, my career and the men that dote on me.”
[CAMERA… The bartender brings a couple more drinks.
ELLEN: “Don’t tell me I drink too much. Men are always telling me that. Nothing they can do will put a smile on my face so they get all jealous if I put a smile on myself. I don’t need to drink. I simply love the taste of liquor. What are we drinking?”
FASTER: “Whisky sours.”
ELLEN: “Gin is better. Reminds me of the taste of scotch tape. I love the smell of scotch tape. Became addicted at St. Mary’s Convent. Used to walk around the halls with tails of tape hanging off my chin. The nuns thought I was a lesbian. If a man drinks too much no one calls him a fucking fag. But a woman has so much as an independent thought and she’s a dike. Okay, I had one brief affair. It was college. Everyone was experimenting.”
FASTER: “I think we should get something to eat.”
ELLEN: “Did you see the way the bartender has been looking at me? It’s my tits. That’s what it all comes down to. Ever since I was twelve years old, men have been leering at me, pawing me with their stubby little white fingers. Everyone thought that short fat uncle Ernie was so loveable. He only took me to the movies on Saturday afternoons so he could brush the popcorn off my sweater. My knockers have been my curse. Men don’t notice anything else. They wouldn’t care if I had a face like a horse or legs like a table. Men are such sluts!”
[CAMERA… Ellen looks at Faster and smiles. Her face crashes to the surface of the bar. The whack of her head attracts the attention of others in the bar. Faster gestures to the bartender and pays the bill.

LONG SHOT… Faster puts one of Ellen’s arms around his shoulder and helps Ellen to her feet. They make their way with some difficulty toward the exit.



[CAMERA… Shot of title:


FADE to white. CUT to medium shot inside Faster’s motel room. Miss Leigh puts a package down on a bedside table.

MISS LEIGH: “I picked up your gun. Someone dropped it off in the motel office.”
FASTER: “That was very nice of you. Do you think it’s necessary? Why does a teacher need a gun?”
MISS LEIGH: “It can’t hurt. Do you have the package that Bill Marvellous sent?”
[CAMERA… Faster gestures to the drawer in the bedside table. Miss Leigh opens the drawer and takes out the package. She puts it into the purse she is carrying on her shoulder.

MISS LEIGH: “You didn’t notice anything unusual today?”
FASTER: “Have you been inside a high school recently? Everything is unusual.”
MISS LEIGH: “I mean, did you notice anyone paying particular attention to you?”
MISS LEIGH: “Don’t trust anyone. This isn’t Toronto. You didn’t look into the package, did you?”
MISS LEIGH: “We may have more packages for you. It’s very important that you don’t mention any of this to anyone. So far, Mr. Sandman is pleased with your performance.”
FASTER: “Who is this Sandman?”
MISS LEIGH: “Better not to ask.”
FASTER: “All of this is very… queer. When am I going home?”
MISS LEIGH: “Home is only a state of mind. Are you going out?”
FASTER: “It’s been a tough day. I thought I might go to the bar across the street.”
MISS LEIGH: “Would you like me to join you?”
FASTER: “I’d like to be alone.”
[CAMERA… Miss Leigh smiles coyly and steps across the room to the door.
MISS LEIGH: “Well, if you need anything, just whistle. You know how to whistle, don’t you?”
MISS LEIGH: “You just put your lips together and… blow.”
[CAMERA… Miss Leigh opens the door and leaves. Faster smiles and puts his lips together. He blows. No sound comes out of his mouth.



[CAMERA… Shot of title:


FADE to white. CUT to Faster’s motel room.

LONG SHOT … Faster and Ellen are sitting up in bed, bed sheets up to their necks. There are Chinese food containers all over the bed. They are eating with chop sticks.

MEDIUM SHOT… Ellen wipes her mouth with the bed sheet.

ELLEN: “That’s better. I was starving. I love Chinese. Answer me one question.”
FASTER: “Fire.”
ELLEN: “How did we get here? The last thing I remember is a couple of University students buying me a drink. One of them was named Jake. I love that name. We used to have a dog named Jake. I don’t remember the other’s name. He had terrible breath.”
FASTER: “You don’t remember a thing about this evening?”
ELLEN: “Off and on. I remember an awful taste in my mouth. I thought it was toothpaste, but it was too salty.”
FASTER: “I met you at a bar across the street. You had quite a head start on me. We were having a nice conversation when you passed out. I brought you over here. You don’t remember a thing?”
[CAMERA… Ellen looks under the sheet.
ELLEN: “I take it we made love.”
FASTER: “You were very passionate.”
ELLEN: “I wish I’d been there. Did I say anything… queer?”
FASTER: “You said you discovered something peculiar at the school board this afternoon.”
ELLEN: “There are still people who do not scoop up after their doggies have pooped. People shouldn’t be allowed to have animals in the city if they are not willing to administer to their needs. It’s unsanitary. There are children in the parks. They will put anything in their mouths.”
FASTER: “Do you like children, Ellen?”
ELLEN: “Other people’s. Wouldn’t have one myself. Ruins your figure.”
FASTER: “I’d like to have a family one day.”
ELLEN: “Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
FASTER: “There was something else. Something about Marvellous Educational Supplies and Services.”
ELLEN: “Marvellous? Oh, yes. The teacher’s union is upset that the government is privatizing education. They are especially upset by this new service that Marvellous is offering with supply teachers. There’s a lot of anger out there. I wouldn’t want to be one of those new supply teachers.”
FASTER: “Anger?”
ELLEN: “They think that their jobs may be next. And Marvellous received this contract without a tendor, which is unusual. Did I ever tell you how difficult it is to be a female reporter? If you ask someone a question they think that they can hit on you. I’m sick of it.”
FASTER: “Was there anything else?”
ELLEN: “Did we get fortune cookies?”
FASTER: “They’re here someplace. What else did they say?”
ELLEN: “Here’s one. I’ll assume it’s mine. A stranger holds unwanted surprises. What the hell does that mean? It must be yours.”
FASTER: “You said there was something else.”
ELLEN: “The union has hired some investigation firm to look into Marvellous’s operations.”
FASTER: “Private investigators?”
ELLEN: “You know. Dicks.”
FASTER: “I need a drink.”
ELLEN: “What a wonderful idea. Just don’t think that means that you can try anything funny.”



[CAMERA… Shot of title:


FADE to white. CUT to LONG SHOT from across the parking lot at Faster’s motel window. There is someone standing outside window looking in.

MEDIUM SHOT of figure in dark, standing in shadows.

CLOSE-UP of Lewis’s face. He is smiling.



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